Volume II, Issue I

This volume is considered to be published in February 2011



“Qua Vadis Advertising?”: The Emerging Problem of Generic Disparagement and Trademark Infringement

Sanskriti Rastogi in this article critically analyses the various aberrations in the field of advertising which involve law violation.


Ascertaining ‘Investment’: A look at what is bothering the ICSID

Nikita Appaswam in this article talks about the central and peripheral issues regarding the confusion that often boggles both the Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) parties as well as tribunals regarding what economic enterprise suffices as ‘investment’


Biopiracy and its growing threat to Biodiversity in India: A Bird’s eye view

Subham S. Chatterjee in this paper has attempted to provide an overview of the concept of biopiracy and its modern day significance in the world of IPR, especially in context with biodiversity in India.


Extra-Territorial Operation of Taxing Statute: The Income Tax Act, 1961

Usha in this article attempted to establish the position in International Law with regard to extraterritorial operation of legislations of sovereign states.


In Court or No Court: Efficacy of Arbitration in IP Dispute Resolution

Shruti Khanijow & Sugandha Nayak in this article talk about the Intellectual property arbitration and explains how its emergence merits serious consideration.


Insider Trading with Special reference to the Satyam Saga

Harish in this article gives us an overview of the trading of Satyam stocks between 23rd December, 2008 and 5th January, 2009 i.e. a week before the Rama Linga Raju’s public revelation.


The Criminalisation of HIV Transmission

Varun T. Mathew in this article talks about the criminalisation of HIV Transmission.


The functioning of Lok Adalats in India— A Critical Analysis

Vinita Choudhury in this article gives us a critical analysis of the functioning of Lok Adalats in India.


Tracing the Right to Strike under the Indian Constitution

Ashish Goel and Piyush Karn in this case analysis throw light on the loopholes in T.K. Rangarajan case and reevaluate it from a comparative perspective and presents the uncertainty in judicial approach towards this sensitive issue of strike.