Volume X Issue II

This volume is considered to be published in July 2021



Note By Timothy J. Lomperis On Indian National Security In The Twenty-First Century

Our esteemed advisory panel member Prof. Timothy J. Lomperis has written a special introductory note on the theme of this Issue, “The Evolving Dimensions of National Security in India”. He traces India’s strategy of national security while delineating past challenges and upcoming ones, especially the conundrum China presents. 


Non-Proliferation Of Nuclear Weapons And Confidence-Building: A Comparative Analysis

Federico Jarast, an Associate Professor at Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat, elucidates upon the global legal framework surrounding the nuclear weapons, focusing on India and Pakistan as emerging threats in South Asia.


Are India’s Children Safe?

Pallav Arora, a student at West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, analyses contemporary developments in policies pertaining to children’s privacy in India.


The Doval Doctrine: Analysing The Legality Of India’s Policy Of Cross Border Counterterror Operations

Ojaswa Pathak, a student at Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar, explores the debate around the legality of the right to anticipatory self-defence by arguing in favour of it. 


Sedition And Statutory Stability: Decoding The Defects Of India’s National Security Laws

Aman Saraf, a student at Government Law College, Mumbai, attempts to shed some light on the recent developments in security legislations in India.


The Unjustifiable Equivocation On The Constitutionality Of Compelled Voice Sampling

Yash S. Sinha, an advocate at Delhi, in his article contemplates the evidentiary value of voice sampling with respect to mental privacy and the bar on self-incrimination.

Legislative Comments

Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958: A National Necessity Or A Stain On The World’s Largest Democracy?

Dr. Garima Tiwari, an Assistant Professor at School of Law, Bennett University, Greater Noida, and Karthik Sarma, a student at the National Law Institute University, Bhopal, critically analyse the Armed Forces Special Powers Act from a constitutional and human rights perspective.


Eia 2020- A Ticking Time Bomb

Kashish Singhal, a student at ILS Law College, Pune, and Akshay Tambi, a student at National Law University, Jodhpur, critically examine the provisions introduced in the Draft EIA Notification 2020.