Volume VIII, Issue I

This volume is considered to be published in December 2018


The Developing Dilemma: WTO’s Prudish Outlook to the Price Support Mechanism

Miss Priya discusses whether minimum support price commitments need to be reviewed in light of the efforts made by the developing countries to provide food security for its people.


Why the Protection of Geographical Indications in India Needs an Overhaul

Gautami Govindrajan and Madhav Kapoor write about the evolution and importance of geographical indications to a culturally rich nation such as India.


Busting Cartels: The Indian Leniency Regime

Aaditya Ranbir Sahgal writes on the leniency regime under Indian competition law, the problems associated with it and possible solutions for improvement.


Private Ordering: A Progressive Outlook on Automobile Cybersecurity in the United States

Sudipto Koner writes about the laws in the United States regarding car security infringements and establishes how private ordering is the most productive way of setting up cybersecurity benchmarks for the automotive industry.


Invoking Equity Jurisdiction of the Indian Supreme Court: Scope and Limits

Dushyant Thakur discusses how provisions of the Constitution are applied to provide equitable remedies and evolve equitable procedure.


Financial Exclusion of Minorities: Islamic Banking to the Rescue?

Akshata Kumta and Shaalini Agarwal write about how Islamic banking could be a potential solution to deal with the problem of exclusion of minorities from accessing to the banking and finance sector.


The Constitutional Case of the Missing Cattle: Curbing Cross-Border Smuggling and the Prevention of Cruelty

Adya Jha and Jasel Mundhra write about Cross-Border Smuggling and the Prevention of Cruelty.


Case Comments

A ‘No Ball’ from Supreme Court Critical Analysis of Union of India v. BCCI

Tushar Kumar critically analyses the apex court’s judgment in the case against the BCCI as it is against the National Sports & Recreation Act, 1998.


Legislative Comments

Electoral Bonds and Funding to Political Parties in India: A Critique

Suryasnata Mohapatra’s legislative comment on campaign financing, including the salient features of the electoral bond scheme and the gaps therein.


Book Review

Book Review Sugata Bag’s Economic Analysis of Contract Law

Aman Bahl reviews how present-day contract law is influenced by economics, in light of Sugata Bag’s book- Economic Analysis of Contract Law