Volume VI, Issue II

This volume is considered to be published in July 2018


Consequences of Undue Delay in Passing Arbitral Awards and Imposition of Timelines as a Solution

Leah Elizabeth Thomas in this paper claims that a suitable timeline for arbitration could prevent unnecessary delays in the proceedings and expedite the process.


Examining Violation of Adivasi Land Rights by the Mining Industry – A Case for Crossing the Fence from Anthropocentric to Ecocentric Paradigms

Rudresh Mandal & Sathvik Chandrasekhar demonstrate the brazen disdain
exhibited by the State and the mining lobby towards the violation of Adivasi Land Rights.


Incentives for Better Protection of Whistle-Blowers – An Economic Analysis

Anushka Mittal in this paper explains the importance of the whistle-blowers in India and suggests many measures to protect them from an economic analysis.


Prohibition on the use of force, Counter-Terrorism and the ISIS Crisis

Vandita Khanna in this paper traces the evolution of laws relating to terrorism to
examine the contribution of the United States of America in moulding and effectively transforming international law through its extra-legal hegemonic interventions.


Undertrial Prisoners in India

Ayushi Priyadarshini & Madhurika Durge attempt to provide suggestions to improve the conditions of the undertrial prisoners in India.


Case Comments

Comments on A. Ayyasamy v. A. Paramsivam

Siddharth Nigotia & Agnish Aditya comment on the case of A. Ayyasamy v. A. Paramasivam and attempts to clarify the law in this regard.


The Decision in Satya Pal Singh: A Pressing Need to Re-visit the Law Relating to Victim’s Appeal

Subhro Prokas Mukherjee argues that the interpretation adopted by the Hon’ble Apex Court in Satya Pal Singh is palpably at variance with the text of the Code itself, which leads to further inconsistent implications.


Uncertainty in Limelight: A Case Comment on Sasan Power Ltd. V. NAAC India Pvt. Ltd.

Ramya Katti & Sankalp Srivastava write a case comment on Sasan Power Ltd. v. NAAC India Pvt. Ltd. and emphasize the convoluted issues that have
plagued the Indian arbitration policy for a long time.


Legislative Comments

Voyeurism: A Comparative Study

Shivani Kabra gives us an interpretation of the Section 354C in light of foreign jurisdictions of Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and District of Columbia Code.