Volume IV, Issue I

This volume is considered to be published in December 2014


Data Exclusivity in India: A Saga of Ignorance and Illogicality

Kushank Sindhu and Abhishek K. Singh throw light on the ignorance of the government on the data screening process through this paper.


Deontology and Consequentialism in the Indian Context: Analyzing The Morality of the Supreme Court’s Powers Under Article 142

Sachet Singh and Devdeep Ghosh shed some light on Deontology and Consequentialism in the Indian context through decisions of the Supreme Court.


Digital Rights Management and Fair Use

Amoha Sharma and Jahnavi Mitra examine the altered scope of the doctrine, and provide suggestions to harmonize the opposing interests of content creators and users.


Evaluating the Prospects of Effectuating a Hostile Takeover in the Indian Corporate Landscape

Pallavi Arora talks about the ineffectiveness of the traditional defences of India that led to many hostile takeovers by the foreign nations in India.


General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR): An Indian And International Perspective

Arshu John and Linesh Lalwani write a detailed analysis of the General Anti-Avoidance Rule from an Indian as well as International perspective.


International Commercial Arbitration: Roadmap for a Brighter Future

Udai Singh and Apoorva Tapas talk about the future of arbitration in India by introducing a self corrective nature of arbitration process.


Right To Lie: Extending The Guarantee Of Free Speech To protect Falsity

Chanan Parwani and Akash Nagar analyze the Freedom of Speech and Expression in the Indian Constitution and the Freedom of Speech in the Bill of Rights incorporated in the United States Constitution.


The Law on International Telecommunications and Broadcasting: Need For Development of the Existing Regime?

Srinivasan Ramaswamy talks about the need for us to develop the existing law on International telecommunications and broadcasting.


Legislative Comments

Tests of SIEC and AAEC in M&A: A Comparative Study of Competition Act, 2002 and EU Competition Law

Anish Jaipuriar and Sarita Rout discuss and compare the two tests in terms of any similarity or differences and try to establish a standard scope for achieving the objective of the competition law.