Volume III

This volume is considered to be published in February 2013


‘Without Prejudice’ after Oceanbulk Shipping: A Comparison Between The English And Indian Positions Of Law

Ramyaa Veerabathran talk about the Oceanbulk Shipping and establishes a very amusing comparison between the English and Indian positions of law.


Comparative Advertisement: A Comprehensive Overview

Naveena Durairaj & Bhavana Duhoon here write about a comprehensive overview of Comparative Advertisement.


Consent Orders In Securities Regulations: A Review Of The SEBI And SEC Mechanism

Sujoy Datta & Uma Lohray write about consent orders in Securities Regulations with a review of the SEBI and SEC mechanism.


Contrasting The Indian Garment And Handloom Industries – A Critique Of Legislative And Executive Inaction

Kanika Gauba here writes about an issue contrasting the Indian garment and handloom industries by criticising our legislative and executive inaction.


Democratic Dilemmas In Justifying Murder: The Case Of Targeted Killings Under International Law

Devdeep Ghosh & Astha Pandey write about the usual democratic dilemmas in justifying a murder by putting special reference on cases targeting killings under International Law.


Equitable Principles And The Delimitation Of The Continental Shelf

Sooraj Sharma & Shujoy Mazumdar write about the Equitable Principles and the delimitation of the Continental Shelf.


Nominee – Bare Collector Or Exclusive Owner?

Anuja Saxena & Nikita Hemmige here give us an extensive reading on Nominee, what it is and what its functions are.


Options Or No Options – Ambiguity In FDI Policy

Jitendra Soni & Kanad Bagchi discuss the ambiguity in FDI Policy.


Reservations For Migrant Scheduled Castes And Scheduled Tribes

Ankit Gupta here talks about the reservations for migrant Scheduled Castes And Scheduled Tribes.


Resignation V. Removal: The Indian Impeachment Saga

Saurabh Bindal & Dr. Uday Shankar write about on the propriety of impeachment proceedings of a judge.


Transfer Of Seat In International Arbitration: A Fly On The Razor’s Edge?

Devadityav Chakravarti & Alok Nayak here talk about the transfer of seats in International Arbitration.


The Future Of Mediation In India

Richard M. Calkins gives us some insight about the future of mediation in India.


Transparency, Independence And Diversity: Does The United States Have It Better? – A Comparative Analysis Of The Process Of Appointment Of Judges To The Supreme Court In The United States And India

Varun Vaish & Rishabh Sinha write about a comparative analysis of the process of appointment of judges to the Supreme Court in the United States and India.


Case Comment

The Baldev Singh Case: A Flagrant Violation Of Law And Of Constitutional Morality

Aditi Sheth here discusses the obvious violation of law and Constitutional morality in Baldev Singh case.