Volume IV, Issue II

This volume is considered to be published in July 2015


Crying out for Legislative Attention: The Inadequate Child Marriage Laws of India

Abhinav Kumar and Arundhati Venkatraman write about the inadequacy of child marriage laws in India.


Future of Internet Governance: Multilateralism, Multistakeholderism or a Third Path?

Agranee Kapoor and Angeline Bennny write about current models of Internet Governence and what future beholds.


Unilateral Clauses in Arbitration: Validity and Enforcement

Anu Srivastava writes about validity of Unilateral Arbitration clauses and its developments under English and Indian law.


Looking “through” to a “Commercial Rationale”: Reviewing the GAAR Implications of DIT v. Copal Research and Others

Devarshi Mukhopadhyay writes on the operation of GAAR provision after DIT v. Copal Research Ltd. case.


Revisiting the Vodafone Chapter on Offshore Transfer of Indian Assets: A Comment on the DIT v. Copal Research Limited Case

Dhruv Tiwari and Anand Swaroop comment on the DIT v. Copal Research Limited case.


Examining Euthanasia: Is there an answer?

Tia Jose and Keshavdev J.S. analyse India’s position on Euthanasia and the changes required.


Umbrella Clauses in International Investment Arbitration: Adopting a Narrow or Broad Interpretation for Mutual Protection of Investors and Host States

Krithika Radhakrishnan and Ritwik Mukherjee write on the interpretation of Umbrella clauses in International Investment Arbitration.


Analysis of the Inherently Flawed Case of Dashrath Rupsingh Rathod: A fascinating Paradox of a Judgment Falling Againts the Interests of the Aggrieved

Ruchi Verma and Shanya analyse the case of Dashrath Rupsingh v. State of Maharashtra.


The New Scope of ‘Debentures’ under The Companies Act, 2013: Does it Cover Commercial Paper?

Shriya Nayyar writes on the scope of ‘Debentures’ under the Companies Act, 2013.


Defending the ICSID: Understanding Latin America’s Denunciations in Context Examinig Scope for Reform

Soumya Cheedi writes on denunciation of Latin American nations from ICSID Convention.


Cut from the Same Cloth: The Philosophies of the Intellectual Property Rights and the Indian Constitution

Suktika P. Banerjee and Sharngan Aravindakshan write on Intellectual Property Law and its compatibility with the Indian Constitution.


Who Shot the Arrow in the Dark?: Determining the Rights and Obligations of Cyberspace Actors under a veil of Anonymity

Utkarsh Srivastava writes on rights and obligations in Cyberspace.


Communal-Secular Dichotomy: Are the Communal Violence Bills Adequate to Tackle the ‘Frankestein’s Monster’?

Vatsal Joshi and Ananya Kumar Singh write critical assessment on adequacy of Communal Violence bills.