Kunika Pandey writes about the disability care and Indian infrastructure highlighting the sufferings and social setbacks of the disabled.


Disability,  a   multifaceted   term, is  defined  by  WHO as  an  umbrella  term  covering  impairments,  activity limitations, and participation restrictions. The disabled suffer various kinds of social, economic and political setbacks in the society.  This section of the society depends on others due  to  the  difference  in  their  physical  or  mental  status. There  have  been  various  initiatives  by  the  government through legislations to remove all discrimination against them by identifying and  promoting  their  rights. In  order  to  have  an  equitable  society  there  is  a  dire  need  to  protect  and promote the basic requirements of this deprived section of society as well. The   areas   to   be   focused   upon   to   this   effect   are   health,   education, livelihood, social empowerment.  This article aims to determine the effectiveness   of   the   infrastructure   of   our   country   in   the   process   of identification and promotion of the rights of the differently abled section of the society.