On 5th August 2019, the NLIU Law Review conducted a legal writing workshop for the first year students of National Law Institute University, Bhopal. The workshop was organized with the aim of fostering an interest in legal research and writing among the students of the University. The discussion that followed was primarily based on the method and approach that students should adopt while writing a research paper.

All students were firstly informed about the types of research papers, such as long articles, short articles, essays, case comments and book reviews. They were then made aware about the difficulty that many of them might face in terms of selecting a topic for their research paper. For that they were advised to regularly follow websites that post legal news updates and blogs that provide a discussion on pressing contemporary issues. They were also reminded to pay adequate attention and participate in classroom discussion so that they are able to understand the lacunae in law and accordingly conduct structured and meaningful research that can be converted into a research paper. Most importantly, it was emphasized that the students should write on the topics that they find interesting so that they are able to better connect with their work and present it in an effective manner.

The discussion then moved on to understanding the concept of a “hypothesis” and the ways to formulate it. They were also asked to take inputs from other students of the University as well as faculty member(s) teaching that field of law in order to capture all the relevant points of research. The need to follow a uniform style for footnotes and how to make sure that they can easily comply with the standard required was also discussed. This was followed by a short discussion on plagiarism and how to use Turnitin. The students were also informed about the general parameters for evaluation that are followed and about the various avenues where they can send their completed work for publication.